A new behaviour strategy

As a head of year being responsible for a year group’s behaviour falls under one’s own remit. A certain year group were busy obtaining a lot of behaviour points for various things until they were taken in hand. Essentially the strategy is behaviour points mean consequences!

So, the year head keeps a tally of how many points pupils obtain in a week. If 3 or more behaviour points have been accumulated in one week the pupil is given a head of year detention in which a reflective document is filled in. To complete this document boys are to consider why they have got their points and there is an emphasis on how their behaviour has affected the learning of others; this could be other pupils, teachers, parents and so fourth.

Pupils then have to develop a plan to explain how they are going to avoid getting further behaviour points.

A copy will go home to parents, who are very supportive of the strategy and are very grateful that behaviour is being addressed.

This is being trialed with several year groups and so far feedback has been very positive!