Bribery from Business. Improve your writing to improve your marks.

The business and economics classrooms were looking a bit dull so the HOD thought a revamp was in order, and this coincided with an interest in improving literacy. In order to ensure that pupils were on board with this a motive had to be found. After painstaking research it became apparent that if literacy was linked to getting marks in exams and thus an improved grade then boys would take note!

Disclaimer: This is a stolen idea from a more experienced teacher, so credit will be taken when it works, blame will be placed elsewhere if it doesn’t.

Mantra: Improve your writing improve your marks!

INSET and CPD developed the poster and tangline which the entire department adopted. This was to be uniformly spread around the department, classroom, office, corridor and books. After all, continuity, it has been shown, is an excellent thing which boys in particular appreciate. (It also makes life easier for teachers).

Complex Sentences contain a subordinate conjunction (these are things similar to if, although, because, so that ..)

It is difficult to express higher order ideas without using complex sentences, the theory being that if these are used in an answer then more marks result.

Logical arguments can be built using connectives. These are not simply vocables such as ‘and’ but multi syllabic words and even the odd phrase or two.

The department have then matched this up to the mark schemes put out for our guidance, and have developed a cunning scheme to assist pupils in answering the irritating 3 mark questions (which they seem incapable of consistently responding to correctly). Pupils address the point, analyse it and then decide why is it useful.

Business and economics have now gone even further than this and have developed activities to support complex sentences. They would be delighted to share these with other people so do ask them for examples!  Ultimately however the endgame is to practice writing longer sentences which means they get better marks and the business studies department looks better.