Enjoying a teachmeet

What should be achieved when we attend a teachmeet? Basically useful things that can help save time!!

Useful videos for tutor time for discussions, however nice clear rules are ESSENTIAL. The rules are:

  • Respect – People have different views /feelings / religions/ beliefs/ values/ races /experiences /sexuality /knowledge we may not always agree/understand/feel the same way, but we will be respectful.
  • Language – Although there is a lot of slang we are going to use appropriate/correct terms as much as possible. It is better to talk in a non personal manor. “In this situation” , “say a person is”.
  • Confidentially – What is said in this room is not then used a gossip!
  • Legal – Anything that is said where you are deemed to be breaking the law or at risk, I am legally required to report to a member of CP staff.

Getting to know and relating to boys – thing in common (clash of clans / football etc), one thing about you, quizzes, brain teasers, etc. Boys get to see you and each other slightly differently

Literacy – We are all trying to improve our students literacy at the moment – the following have proved quite helpful!

  • Yes and? – to extend answers
  • Ban words: stands out, interesting, colourful
  • Slang to formal?
  • What is another word for?
    E.g. stand out, contrast, emphasis, Chiaroscuro
  • Photocopy a pupils work and highlight what actually gets the marks.
  • Weaker pupils: main words spelt incorrectly. Making a deal – words on the board/sheet/keywords must be correctly spelt.
  • Taboo!

Questioning – the use of the questioning in teaching is well known to be an excellent way of getting pupils to learn – have you tried these?

  • Bloom’s taxonomy/Solo
  • Time to think
  • Not looking for the answer in your head?
  • Pass to a friend
  • Can you unpack that further?
  • Can you build on that?
  • Answering their questions with a question?
  • You tell me?
  • Is it?
  • Spot the difference?
  • Prepare questions in advance for demonstrations for greater impact and individual focus.

For NQTs – We’ve all been there, a few tips to keep you going through the turmoil of the year!

  • Tell, don’t ask. Thank you rather than please.
  • Bingo, traffic lights, taboo, starter image – one strategy at a time.
  • Demo – on/with lower ability work to help progress
  • Balance you lessons – other wise you will burn out
  • Call rather than email – time and tone
  • Talk rather than email – time and tone
  • Sandwich response
  • Don’t take it personally
  • Happy slappy time.
  • Go to bed (good advice for all of us!!)