Form time literacy

In tutor time first thing in the morning it can be difficult to think of new, inspired things to do. So, in line with the current literacy strategy pupils have been encouraged to complete presentations on various things which are then the source of discussion.

These presentations could be on current affairs, topics of interest or book reviews. The class will discuss the content, the style of presentations, the slides used and then feedback to the presenter.

A nice link to current affairs is to discuss politicians’ speeches – are they logically constructed? Are the arguments sound? Have they got their point across in the way they wanted to?

An example to start off with is Martin Luther King’s  “I have a dream” speech. What terms was he using? What structure did he use? How did he relate it to the individual? Were there any metaphors?

Another idea is the book review – explain why a book is fantastic and should be read and then find 5 new words from it and explain what they were. Examples of presentations can be found below!

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