LRTT – Limited resource teacher training

Working in India with LRTT – training teachers where resources are not available.

Miss Wilson spent her summer in India and made it to the national press!

Paired up with teachers – regular observation conducted with feedback given.

It is very easy to become focused on the very small world we live in – what is education like for other people? If OfSTED and government is not taken into account where does that leave teaching?

Four things seem to be key!

  • Engagement – silence does not mean learning. Neither does having fun.
  • Structure – engage, pass on knowledge, apply that knowledge and then assess.
  • Differentiation – all pupils have ability and so need to be engaged.
  • Trust – trust in pupils so that they have the confidence to have a go

Purpose – education is not about helping pupils make money. It is about giving pupils the confidence and empowerment; recognising their achievements as valuable people. This is the same across the world not just here and we need to remind ourselves of this if we are to be true facilitators of learning.