M Jones – Bringing about change

Motivational models of change!

The Johari Window – strengthens team leadership (named after Jo and Hari!) Awareness of the self. What you know, what others know and what no one knows.

Pink’s Intrinsic Motivation – get these right and motivation is improved! Use a Venn diagram!

Autonomy (Time, task, technique and team), Mastery (Goldilocks challenge – not too hard or too easy) and Purpose (clear mission or goal – where do they fit in). ┬áIf all three things are achieved the Venn diagram is completed

Skill/Will Matrix – Use to assist in the classroom! (currently used in hiring people!)

High will and skill – Advocates – extend

High skill and low skill – blockers – excite

Low skill and will – resisters – direct and support

High will and low skill – willing followers – guide – need feedback