Michaela Project

Michaela project – based on the Michaela school in Brent.

A variety of techniques used, however the basis is a set of very clear rules that everyone adheres to, and all actions have consequences. Boris Johnston was impressed, so it must be good!

  • merits /demerits used.
  • Folded arms unless working
  • Absolute silence everywhere
  • 100% responsibility – no such thing as an accident
  • Centrally planned booklets for work
  • Narrow curriculum which is fact-based

Merit / de-merit system – Aim: to maximise productivity. Two classes – one project Michaela, the other not.

Rules clearly shared – any breaking of rules results in a de-merit.

Merits given for – good answers, excellent classwork, good performance in tests

De-merits – anything that takes away from the focus of the lesson

3 demerits – behaviour point and detention

3 merits – achievement

Findings: Productivity increased. Amount of achievement points went up. Test scores went up. As boys are rather fond of knowing a set of rules they really seem to respond well to this set up.

Worth a try?